A Message From The President

Welcome to the Official Website of Mothers of Black Boys, Incorporated! We are delighted that you have found interest in our organization.

As a mother of two intelligent black males, I firmly believe that if given a solid foundation, the stereotypes of black males will become obsolete. Mothers of Black Boys, Inc. (MOBB, Inc.) is taking a strong stance to resolving the issues of black males and the achievement gap. This innovative organization was conceived in 2010 as I was writing my dissertation, which focused on black male achievement. Through extensive research I have found the results of my investigation depressing and overwhelming. There are many contributing factors that impede the growth and development of black males. Many of them begin in their homes. I believe that a change can come, if parents stand up and be accountable.

MOBB, Inc. is an avenue of support, a resource pool, and a networking opportunity for mothers who really have a passion for black male achievement. We want to be the agent of change that will improve the overall image of black males. Our efforts in closing the achievement gap and improving the lives of black males are defined in our platform. There are many ways that you can support our efforts. Keep a watchful eye on our upcoming events, programs, and initiatives. We need your support!
Thanks again for your interest in our organization!

Jacquetta M. Chatman, Ed.D.
“Molding Strong Black Males through the Power of Motherhood”






Our Mission and Purpose

Mothers of Black Boys, Incorporated is a nonprofit support group for mothers raising black boys. We strive to support each other and establish healthy relationships to better address the needs of our sons. MOBB, Inc. was established to offer resources, support, and networking opportunities that improve the overall growth and development of black males.

This organization is beneficial as it provides parents of black males with a non-discriminatory support system, whereby they are able to exchange experiences, solutions, and opportunities that they would not otherwise be accessible to them. The sons of members of MOBB, Inc. will form a brotherhood to help them deal with life issues as a unit. We believe in giving back to the community. Community service is a significant part of our initiatives, where we focus on giving a hand to other mothers and their sons.


Mothers of Black Boys, Incorporated is an innovative agent of change that will positively alter the image of black males globally.



Our Platform


Education is our primary area of focus. We are dedicated to supporting the academic achievement of black males. Our mission is to prepare our sons for school by providing them with a strong foundation of the basics, network of tutors, shadowing experiences, and other methods of support.


Health & Wellness was established to address stages of development, diet & nutrition, and sex education. This platform seeks to promote healthy lifestyles.


The Social aspect will address peer pressure, etiquette, and technology awareness. The social area of focus will also provide opportunities for exposure to various forms of art (music, media, sports, etc.)


The Cultural facet of this organization will seek to educate our sons on the origin and history of various ethnic groups. We seek to nurture the spirituality of our sons through Christian based principles.


Community Service is an important component of the organization. There will be many opportunities for volunteerism, whereby the all involved will perform various acts of kindness.



What We Do


  • Meet once a month to fellowship, discuss our concerns, problem solve as on unit with many ideas
  • Host an annual retreat/monthly outings
  • Host an annual mother/son gala
  • Produce a quarterly newsletter
  • Participate in community service projects
  • Conduct book studies
  • Host and attend various conferences/workshops/seminars
  • Sponsor various family activities





Meet Our 2012-2014 Board Members

Jacquetta Chatman, Ed.D. Danielle Davis, MD

Willie M. McClain, MSW

Denise Collier, Ed.D.


Winnical Brown, M.Ed. Joyce Epps, M.Ed.