MOBB Consulting Group, LLC


MOBB, Consulting Group, LLC was founded by Dr. Jacquetta M. Chatman. Dr. Chatman received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Benedict College, a Master of Education in Divergent Learning from Columbia College, and a Doctorate of Education in Education Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. She also has additional credit hours in education from Coastal Carolina, Converse College, and the University of South  Carolina. Dr. Chatman  is highly qualified and is certified in elementary  education,  elementary principal, and elementary supervisor, with gifted and talented endorsements. She is also a certified SAFE-T/ADEPT evaluator in the South Carolina.


Dr. Chatman received a vision to start MOBB Consulting Group, LLC while implementing Mothers of Black Boys, Incorporated, a support group for mothers raising black  boys. The vision came to fruition while completing her dissertation, which focused on the underachievement of African American males. Dr. Chatman thought of her little black boys that would one day be counted among the statistics, and she decided to be proactive and sought to alter the stereotypes for black males. She knew that getting mothers and those primarily responsible involved would be the catalyst for changing the stereotype on black male achievement, ultimately molding successful black men.


Our Mission


The mission of MOBB Consulting Group, LLC is to provide valuable, research-based strategies for improving the academic achievement and growth and development of black males.

What We Believe

  • Proactive parenting yields positive and productive children
  • Nurturing the spirit provides children with a solid foundation
  • Exposure to all cultural experiences adds value to a child’s life
  • Black males can be successful if given a solid foundation
  • Building healthy relationships will preserve family values


Who We Are


MOBB Consulting Group is comprised of professional women raising black males, with more than a decade of experience and expertise in education, medicine, business, and financial planning. Our goal is to provide effective strategies, resources, and suggestions that improve the academic achievement , growth and  development of black males. 


What We Provide


MOBB Consulting Group, LLC provides presentations, motivational speaking, workshops, conferences, and customized consulting services for parent groups, school districts, education associations, churches, colleges, universities and other entities seeking assistance, planning, and support for black male achievement. 



Benefits of Hiring MOBB Consulting Group


  • Provide clients with a descriptive plan for implementing strategies to improve the academic achievement of black males
  • Gather information to identify the needs of the organization
  • Provide guidance and intervention support
  • Follow-up support
  • Deliver research based strategies for improvement
  • Coordinate with other professionals to bridge the gap



A Few Workshop Topics


  • Developing an Academically Gifted Male
  • The Importance of Extracurricular Activities for Black Males
  • Catering to the Male Ego
  • ADD/ADHD & The Black Male
  • How to Have Self Respect
  • Is My Support Good Enough?



Rates & Fee Schedule


Available upon request