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Babbling for Books©


Do you know a teen parent? If so, invite them to be a part of our early literacy program Babbling for Books©. The most critical years for a child's life is between ages 0-5. The ability to identify letters of the alphabet and produce each letter's sound builds strong communication skills. This early literacy program is designed to provide a strong literacy based foundation in children between infants and kindergarten age. It is a monthly program for teen parents and their child. They can expect to be engaged in a read aloud and a literacy based activity, and receive a copy of the book of the month to help establish their libraries at home. To sign up, email your name, address, and contact information to events@mothersofblackboys.org. The featured author for the month of May is Anthony "Mister B" Broughton. He has written, "Lessons by Nature" and "Watch the Letters Get Down". Check out his website at www.misterbinspires.com.


Event Details


Place: Aspire Early Learning Academy, 1103 B Avenue


Address: West Columbia,SC


Time: 6:30 p.m.