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What Drives MOBB?

African American boys comprise 8.5 percent of the U.S. population but 33 percent of the students suspended, expelled, and placed in special education (Kunjufu, 2007). In 1980, one of every ten African American males was involved in the penal system. In 2007, one of every three African American males is involved in the penal system. It is protected that in 2020, two of every three African American males will be involved in the penal system (Kunjufu, 2007)…

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A Message from the President


"Welcome to the Official Website of Mothers of Black Boys, Incorporated! We are delighted that you have found interest in our organization. As a mother of two intelligent black males, I firmly believe that if given a solid foundation, the stereotypes of black males will become obsolete. Mothers of Black Boys, Inc. (MOBB, Inc.) is taking a strong stance to resolving the issues of black males and the achievement gap. This innovative organization was conceived in 2010 as I was writing my dissertation, which focused on black male achievement. Through extensive research I have found the results of my investigation depressing and overwhelming. There are many contributing factors that impede the growth and development of black males. Many of them begin in their homes. I believe that a change can come, if parents stand up and be accountable.